Andhra Pradesh Students’ Impact in the 2024 Election


Silence is Not Always Golden In the realm of politics, silence can be deafening. Especially when leaders govern using a caste system, the silence of an educated person becomes particularly dangerous. Such silence allows the status quo to prevail, perpetuating inequality and injustice. In Andhra Pradesh, the time has come for students to rise up … Read more

The Complexities of the Christian Caste System in India

The Complexities of Christian Caste System in India

India, a land of diverse cultures and religions, is no stranger to the complexities of its caste system. While the Scheduled Castes (SC) reservation sector has been designed to uplift and empower marginalized communities, it is important to understand that not all Christians in India fall under the SC caste. The SC caste reservation in … Read more

The Blame Game: YSRCP Government’s Role in the Sand Mafia Issue in Andhra Pradesh

In the serene state of Andhra Pradesh, there is an ongoing crisis that has been plaguing the lives of the middle-class population – the sand mafia. This issue has caused severe distress to the people, making it imperative for the YSRCP government to take immediate action. As citizens of this beautiful state, we are aware … Read more