Reshaping Politics with Civil Discourse: Why It’s Essential


It is disheartening to witness our elected representatives behaving like unruly children, whistling and shouting in the legislature. As responsible citizens, we must question the impact of such behavior on the younger generation.¬†What impression are we leaving on our children when they see their leaders engaging in such unbecoming conduct? This behavior sets a poor example, fostering a sense of disillusionment and cynicism among the younger generation. Consequently, it’s imperative for our leaders to exemplify the values and decorum we wish to instill in our children.

Balakrishna’s Movie Dialogues vs. Parliamentary Discourse

Politicians like Balakrishna, famous for fiery movie dialogues, often seem unable to match that fervor in the assembly. Why avoid discussing crucial matters like the skill scam in the legislature?

The TDP Leaders’ Response: Accountability Amid Scandal Allegations

It is deeply disappointing that the leaders of the TDP chose to run away and deny the existence of a real scandal. This behavior raises questions about their integrity and commitment to serving the public. If they cannot face the allegations head-on and address them in a constructive manner, how can we trust them to lead us?

A Call for Responsible Leadership

As voters, we must carefully consider the qualities we seek in our leaders. It is crucial, therefore, to elect individuals who are not only capable of delivering impressive movie dialogues but also possess the ability to effectively communicate and address the concerns of their constituents. Consequently, voters should prioritize candidates who exhibit both charisma and a genuine commitment to public service. Moreover, they should seek individuals who not only possess the ability to deliver compelling speeches but also demonstrate a track record of responsible leadership and effective governance. In doing so, we can ensure that our elected representatives truly reflect the qualities we desire in our leaders.

The Role of the Assembly

The assembly serves as a platform for representatives to voice the problems and grievances of their respective constituencies. It is essential that our elected leaders utilize this forum to bring attention to the pressing issues faced by the people they represent.


In conclusion, it’s vital to acknowledge that movie dialogues and political leadership are not synonymous. While the former may entertain us on the silver screen, the latter demands a commitment to civil discourse and responsible decision-making. Consequently, we must distinguish between the two realms, prioritizing the latter for effective governance. We must demand better from our elected representatives and choose leaders who prioritize meaningful discussions over theatrics.

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