The Dark Secrets of the Fiber Net Corruption Case

The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (AP CID) has filed a PT warrant in the ACB court against former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu (@ncbn) and 18 others for a massive Rs.121 crore corruption case linked to the Fiber Net project. Originally meant to provide high-speed internet to every Andhra Pradesh household, the project has now become a hotspot for corruption. The investigation revealed that Vemuri Hariprasad (A1) and former Fiber Net Managing Director Sambasiva Rao (A2) orchestrated this scam. The CID’s relentless efforts led to the registration of a case against the 19 individuals involved, a significant step in uncovering the truth behind this corruption. The year 2021 has already witnessed the initiation of legal proceedings against these accused individuals.

The CID has named Chandrababu Naidu, the prime accused in this case, in the filed warrant. The court has admitted the petition, thereby recognizing the seriousness of the allegations and the necessity for a thorough investigation.

The Alleged Accomplices

Vemuri Hariprasad (A1), one of the accused, is believed to have played a key role in this corrupt scheme. His involvement in the Fiber Net project has raised suspicions, and the CID’s collected evidence further strengthens the case against him. As the investigation progresses, we expect to uncover more details about Hariprasad’s role

Sambasiva Rao (A2), the former Managing Director of Fiber Net, played a significant role in this scandal. His involvement in facilitating corruption and mismanaging funds has come to light, making it crucial to examine his role thoroughly.

The CID’s Determination

The AP CID has commendably demonstrated dedication and perseverance in uncovering this massive corruption scandal. Their investigation exposed corruption in the Fiber Net project initially meant to benefit Andhra Pradesh residents

By registering a case against the accused individuals, the CID has taken a strong and decisive stance against corruption. This proactive step emphasizes their commitment to justice and sends a clear warning to those exploiting public resources for personal gain.


The Rs.121 crore Fiber Net scam reveals corruption in public welfare projects. CID’s relentless efforts and the PT warrant filing mark a significant milestone in pursuing justice.

As the investigation progresses, it is crucial to remain vigilant and ensure that the guilty are held accountable for their actions. The people of Andhra Pradesh deserve transparency, honesty, and a government that works in their best interests.

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