People’s Money in Limbo: Polavaram Project Delay and Responsibility

It has been a long and arduous journey for the Polavaram Project, a multi-purpose irrigation and hydroelectric dam project located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The project was envisioned to bring about significant benefits to the region, including improved irrigation facilities, increased water supply for drinking and industrial purposes, and the generation of hydroelectric power.

However, the project has been marred by delays, causing frustration and disappointment among the people of Andhra Pradesh. Both the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) have had their fair share of involvement in the project, and it is important to understand the reasons behind the delays and where the people’s money has gone.

The YSRCP Government’s Role

When the YSRCP government came into power in 2019, it inherited the Polavaram Project from the TDP government. One of the main reasons cited for the delay in the project is the lack of funds. It is estimated that the project requires a staggering amount of 55,548 crores to complete, but the funds allocated by the central government have fallen short.

The YSRCP government has been vocal about its efforts to secure additional funds for the project. They have approached the central government multiple times, requesting the release of funds, but the response has been slow and inadequate. This lack of financial support has undoubtedly contributed to the delay in the project’s completion.

The TDP Government’s Role

The TDP government, which was in power prior to the YSRCP, also played a significant role in the delays faced by the Polavaram Project. One of the key issues highlighted during their tenure was the lack of proper planning and execution. The project faced numerous hurdles, including land acquisition, environmental clearances, and rehabilitation of displaced people.

Furthermore, there were allegations of corruption and mismanagement of funds during the TDP government’s reign. It is essential to investigate these claims and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The people deserve transparency and answers regarding the whereabouts of their hard-earned money.

Where is the People’s Money?

The delay in the completion of the Polavaram Project has raised concerns about the utilization of the funds allocated for the project. The people of Andhra Pradesh have contributed a significant amount of their tax money towards the project, and they have every right to know where it has gone.

Transparency and accountability are crucial in ensuring that public funds are utilized effectively and for the intended purpose. It is essential for both the YSRCP and TDP governments to provide a detailed account of the project’s expenditure, including the amounts spent on land acquisition, rehabilitation, and administrative costs.


The Polavaram Project delay has been a matter of great concern for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The YSRCP government must continue to push for additional funds from the central government to ensure the timely completion of the project. At the same time, the TDP government’s role in the delays and alleged mismanagement of funds should be thoroughly investigated.

It is high time that both parties prioritize the welfare and aspirations of the people over political rivalries. The completion of the Polavaram Project will not only bring immense benefits to the region but also restore the people’s faith in the government’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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