The Strength of Janasena Party: Active Workers and the Power of Ideology

Working Together for a Better Future

Janasena Party, founded by the charismatic leader Pawan Kalyan, strongly believes in the power of its active workers. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of our party and play a crucial role in spreading our ideology to the people.

Spreading Ideology to the Masses

One of the fundamental principles of the Janasena Party is to ensure that every worker works closely with ten people to encourage them to vote. By doing so, we aim to create a ripple effect that will ultimately lead to a significant impact on the upcoming elections.

Understanding the Points Raised by the President

During a recent meeting of active workers in the joint Chittoor district, our State General Secretary, Mr. Nagababu Garu, emphasized the importance of understanding and effectively communicating the points raised by our President. It is crucial for us to convey these ideas to the public in a clear and concise manner.

Working Together to Oust Jagan Reddy

Jagan Reddy’s tenure has been marred by corruption and a lack of progress. To bring about a positive change in our state, it is essential for all of us to work together and oust him from power. Our collective efforts, combined with the support of the people, can pave the way for a brighter future.


Janasena Party firmly believes in the strength of its active workers and the power of its ideology. By working together and spreading our message to the masses, we can create a significant impact and bring about the change our state desperately needs. Let us unite in our mission to build a better future for Andhra Pradesh.

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