IIT Madras Students Hyped ‘Hyperloop’: The Future of Transportation


The students of IIT Madras have created a prototype that has caught the attention of Elon Musk, Tata Motors, and the division of LNT. They named this groundbreaking project the ‘Avishkar Hyperloop Project.’

What is the Hyperloop Project?

The Hyperloop Project is a futuristic mode of transportation developed by the brilliant minds at IIT Madras. This revolutionary system involves a travel transport that operates in a vacuum tube, levitating at an astonishing 1000-1200 kmph speed. In just 30 minutes, the Hyperloop can transport passengers from Chennai to Bangalore, making departures and arrivals possible from city centres.

Recognition and Awards

The Avishkar Hyperloop Project gained global recognition at an international competition held in Edinburgh, where it emerged as the only winning entry from outside Europe. In 2021, it was awarded for its outstanding scalability.

Advantages of the Hyperloop

Pranav Singhal, the team head of the Avishkar Project, highlighted the advantages of the Hyperloop over contemporary transportation technologies such as high-speed trains and planes. While planes operate at high speeds, they also contribute to sound and air pollution. Additionally, airports require large infrastructure projects. In contrast, the Hyperloop can reach speeds of up to 1000 kmph and offers the convenience of departures and arrivals from city centres. It is an electric transport system with the potential to be net zero in terms of emissions.

Collaborations and Future Plans

The Avishkar team has already secured funding from Indian Railways, Tata Motors, and a division of LNT. However, they aim to forge more collaborations to develop this project further. The Hyperloop technology has the potential to transform not only transportation in India but also around the world. IIT Madras has already constructed a 400 m-long vacuum tube for testing purposes and hopes to host a global constitution.

IIT Madras Hyperloop Transportation
IIT Madras Hyperloop Transportation

The Road Ahead

The team at Avishkar is optimistic about India taking the lead in implementing the first Hyperloop by 2035. This ambitious project, built on disruptive technology, has the potential to revolutionize transportation and shape the future of not only India but the entire world.

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